- Elefante -

This is my favorite animal. Hands down.

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- Zero -

First day on safari, Zero is who I meet, eating a nyala with the rest of his pride.

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- Inside Mandela’s Cell -

Robben Island was used as a prison during the Apartheid era. This is where Nelson Mandela was held, taking his long walk to freedom.

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- Dolphin Pool -

Inside the Castle of Good Hope, built by the Dutch upon arrival to Cape Town, there is a pool with no dolphins (despite it’s name), but home to a family of Egyptian Geese.

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- The Tree of Resistance -

Planted in the 1940s, this tree is all that is left from the neighborhood that once stood here, before Apartheid and the destruction of the homes in District 6. It survived bulldozers, fires, and the government that reigned before, standing as a tribute to the resistance of the South African people to the Apartheid government.

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- District 6 Museum -

During the Apartheid Era in South Africa, those who lived on good land and were not white were displaced to live on the outskirts of town into what are called townships. Segregation was the name of the game, and this museum holds the history of one area in particular, District 6. Those who once lived here lost their homes to bulldozers and forced to live a new life.

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- Sunset -

Located on top of Table Mountain.


- Tamba Village -

Last night, I stayed at Mama Nombda’s house in Tamba Village, a township here in South Africa. We were greeted by lots of kids playing in the streets. As soon as I busted out my camera, the girls wanted to take turns taking pictures, thus the creation of this photograph.

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- Dassie -

Also called the Rock Hyrax, these little things are like huge guinea pigs of South Africa. They live on the cliffs of Table Mountain (I couldn’t help but wonder how many fall off the cliffs every year).

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- Cape Town -

This is the view from the top of Table Mountain. You can see the sea, the city and the mountains surrounding this beautiful place.

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